Road Testing

The Road Skills Test is by appointment only and we use our Driving School vehicles. We offer two options: Test Only or Pre-Test and Test.

The Pre-Test is a 30 minute behind the Wheel drive with one of our certified instructors; they will go through everything covered in the Road Skills Test plus your student will get comfortable driving our vehicle which is the car they will drive to take their Road Skills Driving test.

SDS Student $80 (if not included in package)
Non SDS Student $120 cash

SDS Student $40
Non SDS Student $50 cash

*You must have a valid Oklahoma Permit. If you are under 18, State Law requires that you have your permit for 6 months from the date you got it. If you are over 18, State Law requires you have your permit for 30 days before you can test.

If you are under 16.5 State Law requires you have proof of a completed Drivers Education program—this includes classroom hours and behind the wheel drive hours.

Call our office to schedule your Road Skills Test 918.272.9928.

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